Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday ,Baby!

Happy Birthday, Honey. My hubby turns 39 today. Aww!
I know he looks a little bit older than 39 (he started graying at 12, no kidding).
His family didn't really make a big deal out of birthdays while he was growing up, but I, on the other hand, grew up in a family that makes a very big deal out of every one's birthday. I always try and make a big deal out of his because I feel like he missed out. I can't resist doing his birthday up big even if I'm mad at him. I think it is sad when people don't get fussed over on their big day. He claims that he hates the attention, but he really gets emotional and doesn't like for anyone to see. He's really a big softy whether he wants to admit it or not. He actually gets teary eyed when we sing "Happy Birthday." So, to my Big Ole Softy, I wish a Big Ole Happy Birthday!
I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring......I'm Ready for Spring and New Ta-Ta's!

I have got Spring Fever in a really BAD way! It snowed, it got winter out of my system, and now I am ready for spring. I find myself looking at spring clothes online constantly. The only problem is that I get something very specific in mind that I want and just nothing else will do. I think I need to become a really awesome seamstress so that I can just make whatever I want. I'm trying to stay on a really tight budget and not buy too many clothes because I am saving for something that is very special to me. In May, I am going to have a tummy tuck and a boob lift with augmentation. I am super excited about it! Before I lost weight, my bra was a D-cup and now that I got it all off I'm a sad B-cup. I'm not saying that being a B-cup is sad, I'm saying that my B's are sad because they are way farther south than any boobie has a right to be on a 35 year old woman. To make matters worse, they are whop-sided. My sisters jokingly call my sad boobs "egg boobs" because they are kinda shaped like eggs. Really attractive! Anyway, I brought the subject up to my husband and being very sweet, he said, "I think you're perfect just the way you are, but if you feel like you need it, I'll support you." Ok ladies, this was code for, "Thank the Lord she wants to get them on her own because I'm not about to tell her she needs them." He's no fool. Anyway, besides my new boobies, I'm getting a tummy tuck to correct my horrible c-section scar. It actually is more of a crevice. No kidding. I would give you all the gruesome details but, trust me, that is a whole blog unto itself. Anyway, I'm trying to be good and not buy alot of things before I go under the knife because I know that my sizes will change, but it is SO HARD. There are these really cute, springy clothes just calling to me! I may have to get just a few things to satisfy my craving, but this is going to be hard, Hard! Ok, I feel a little better now. Here's to spring getting here quick and brand new ta-ta's!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It snowed here, I mean really snowed. We got like 6 inches. I have never in my life seen it snow as hard at it snowed on Sunday! It was great! The only draw-back to the snow was that my camera has officially died. Boo hoo. I was so aggravated. The biggest snow I've ever seen and my camera won't work. That's the way it goes. But, despite the lack of a camera we still had a great time in the fluffy white stuff. My kids made 4 snowmen. There was a Mommy, a Daddy, an R, and an E snowman. It was so cute. The snow has turned treacherous though. My porches and steps are all icy and I just about busted it trying to get out of the house this morning, but it was worth it all just to have the snow. Now that is has snowed, I am ready for spring!! Bring it on!!

I wrote last week that my husband was taking me out Friday night. Well, Friday night turned out to be a really messy night and we had to alter our plans. We didn't get to go Downtown but he did take me to see Bride Wars at the Value Cinema. The tickets are only $2 and the movies are pretty new, we had a great time! Bride Wars was a great movie, even my husband liked it. After the movie, we went to a tavern called The Blind Pig. The make THE BEST hamburgers. Yum, Yum, Yum. Saturday, my church was hosting a viewing of Fireproof. I hadn't seen it before and was not looking forward to it. I'm so glad we went! It was a wonderful movie and it really got to my husband. Woo Hoo!

Sunday, we had a breakfast at church cooked by the youth. It was fabulous! Then my Wednesday night boys sang "Strong Tower" during the service. I was so proud of them. The congregation gave them a standing ovation! On the way out of the church it started sleeting really hard. You should have seen all the blue haired ladies trying to get out to their cars. The men were very chivalrous and walked them out with umbrellas, it was so very Southern Gentlemen like. We had to go to the grocery store after church and before we could get back out to the car it had started snowing. Did I mention, it SNOWED!

I know this has turned out to be a rather long post but please indulge me just one story further. Today would have been my Granddaddy's 92nd birthday. My grandaddy was a truly unique personality! One of my favorite stories about him took place when he was probably 13 or 14 years old. Grandaddy owned a car, yep he had a Ford Model A with an oogie horn at the age of 13. During the Depression he charged the boys in his town a dime a week for rides into town and back from work, but on the weekend my entrepreneurial Granddaddy charged them a quarter to take them to the "Cat House". He would sit in the kitchen with the cook while the older guys had their good time. I giggle every time I think about the stories people tell on him. My granddaddy's pet name for me was Meanie (I don't have a clue why ha ha). He died a couple of years ago and I miss him dearly, but I can honestly say he lived his life exactly the way he wanted to. Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

I hope you all have a very wonderful Tuesday!